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Private investigators are able to locate different types of people as well as get all sorts of information but they all have different skills. While some are good at trailing people or sourcing for information, there are others that are good at finding a person or something. It is very important for you to know and decide on the kind of work you need the private investigator to do for you so you can get someone with the appropriate skills.


When you have decided on the type of person you will need, the next step is to start searching for the private investigator. Start with checking up some names from referrals including people who have used a private investigator in the past.

In case you do not know anyone who has used a private investigator, there are others sources you can use for your search. You can use the Internet to search for private investigators in your vicinity through search engines like Goggle and Yahoo or look up phone books and sites concerning private investigators.
One thing you need to consider before hiring a private investigator is location. For example, if you want to find someone in State A it will be better for you to hire a person in State A than hiring Someone within your location to do the job.


Once you have located a private investigator, ensure you ask the person for references. These should be people you can trust and can vouch for the ability and skills of the investigator. Once you receive these references you should still make some checks on their profile. Hiring a private investigator is an important and serious decision so you need to know a lot about the person you want to hire.

This aspect may be a bit tricky because the work of a private investigator involves a lot of confidentiality and the person may not want to provide you with any references.

People hire private investigators to handle issues that are delicate, disturbing and sometimes embarrassing and will not like it to get out to the general public. With this in mind, private investigators will not like to give out references that will expose their clients.
In such situation, it will be good for you to try and find people who have used the person’s services or rely on references from people that know the private investigator.


It is very important to get a private investigator that is licensed as this shows how serious they are about their job. Some states do not have requirements for private investigators to be licensed while some have some requirements which private investigators must  meet to be licensed so they can operate.
Requirements vary across states and can include the private investigator having some level of experience, certain hours of field work, should have worked with an investigator agency and may have to pass a test.


You should ensure that the private investigator you want to hire has an insurance policy that will protect both of you in case anything goes wrong during the period of the investigation. In some states having an insurance policy is needed by an investigator to be licensed while it is needed for other aspects of the job like carrying a weapon.
Before hiring a private investigator ask the person to show evidence of insurance which should have an expiry date along with the details of the coverage. You can even call the insurance company and verify if the private investigator’s insurance policy and coverage are real.


Although it possible to become a licensed private investigator without having a college degree, having any form of formal education will be a good advantage and you should look out for this when trying to hire a private investigator.
Having a degree in criminology, sociology, criminal justice and psychology can be a great advantage for anyone interested in having a career as a private investigator.
On the other hand, there are also various professional qualifications that an individual can get that will beneficial to their career but you have to tread carefully when choosing a private investigator based on professional qualifications. This is because there are several qualifications that are not real. People get such certificates after paying some money without really attending classes or taking out time to study and learn the courses.
When hiring a private investigator to make sure that the qualifications they present are authentic and it is something they will be able to defend.


This is a very important aspect when you want to hire a private investigator. Checkout how many years they have been doing the job, their background, have they testified in court as well as the person’s area of expertise and find out if it is similar to the job you need to be done.
For instance, you will not want to hire someone who has experience in dealing with data to dig up information to now start following someone around as this may not work out well for both parties. Also be careful about private investigators who claim to be experts in various fields as it may turn out they do not know much about anything.


Before hiring a private investigator you should discuss expenses and payment. You should know that investigating apart from taking a lot of time also costs a fair amount of money. You need to properly understand the cost of investigation before signing a contract. Some private investigators charge per hour while some charge a fixed fee but all these depends on the type and length of investigation along with job related expenses like traveling costs and calls.

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